Talent Bridge

We provide a fully flexible Talent Acquisition solution with the aim to scale your business and set solid foundations for your talent acquisition teams. We believe in honest partnerships where the key aim is about delivering the best result for our clients. The product & service you receive are tailored to you and your company’s needs. We believe in building a talent strategy around five key pillars of success – which we then review quarterly to ensure accountability in key areas.  We will have an onsite leading Talent & Recruitment professional to build your talent acquisition proposition, recruitment brand development and talent acquisition strategies to attract passive candidates.

Five Pillars:
• Team – pipeline tracker, response rates, conversion rates etc.
• Candidate – feedback, speed of interview process, surveys, satisfaction rating which feeds into Glassdoor
• Operations – which sourcing tools are working, which are costly etc.
• Business – perception in the market, continuously raising the bar to iterate our process
• Brand – content creation,, convert into a measurable brand uplift

We focus on reducing your time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, increasing the success of your hires and delivering huge savings, both in time and money. The focus is on YOU and what YOUR business needs.