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How To Remote Hire

At FORTE ICT, our specialist recruitment services has been configured to make remote recruiting easier with a proven track record in remote hiring. All our consultants are remotely based, in essence we practice what we preach.

We are utilising tech-focused solutions to support your hiring in the following three ways:

Engaging the right candidates

How can you articulate and manage to carry your message across about your culture and create engagement without meeting face to face?

  • Specific pin point advertising
  • Engaging candidates through interactive job descriptions
  • Tailored content marketing and social media

Video Interviews

We uses the latest cutting edge technology of our Video Enabled Recruitment Platform, which can be accessed anywhere in the world. It allows you to work remotely and minimises risk.

  • We act as your first stage of the interview process, in interviewing candidates and thus saving you valuable time
  • You watch video interview profiles online
  • Shortlist, reject and feedback in just a few clicks

Remote Assessments

You can gain valuable insight into individual’s workplace behaviours and emotional intelligence

  • Candidates complete online assessments
  • Gage behaviours, learning styles and skills
  • Bespoke modelling of your remote onboarding based on needs